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3 simple steps to shave with no irritation (for sensitive skin)

Shave your face with no irritations

I have been struggling with sensitive skin since I can remember but it got worse when I started shaving my face. I always had problems with shaving gels and razors but now I finally found some keys to make my skin less irritated.  Since I love sharing great tips, let’s start!

Siempre he tenido la piel sensible y la cosa empeoró cuando empecé a afeitarme la cara. Siempre he tenido problemas para encontrar geles, espumas de afeitar y maquinillas que se adaptaran a mi tipo de piel pero creo que por fin he dado con las claves necesarias para evitar lo máximo posible la irritación. Como me gusta compartir ¡allá vamos!


1. Prepare your skin

Dude, this is key if you want to get a clean shave and minimize the irritation. This is what works for me: I use a cleansing gel (and sometimes a daily exfoliator) and I wash my face with warm water. Remember using products according to your skin-type (dry, oily, combination…).  In case you are wondering, I use Lush products for washing my face. They have natural ingredients and are cruelty free. This first step will open up your pores and soften your facial hair.

¡Prepara la piel! Este paso es muy importante si quieres conseguir un buen apurado y minimizar la irritación. Yo sigo unos sencillos pasos: utilizo un limpiador facial en gel (a veces también uso un exfolian diario) y aclaro bien con agua templada. Recuerda que es importante que utilices productos acordes a tu tipo de piel (seca, grasa, mixta…). Por si te interesa, yo utilizo los productos de Lush, son a base de ingredientes naturales y libres de crueldad animal.
¡Este primer paso te ayudará a abrir los poros y a suavizar la barba!


2. Use the right products

It is important to know the products you are using in your face. I have tried several brands and different products and I always ended up with irritated skin. After several years I fortunately found two shaving products that work for me: Bulldog’s Shave Gel and Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Ultra Flex. Both are really great options if you battle with sensitive skin.

The Bulldog’s Shave Gel is a hydrating product that contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. It has been specially formulated to help the razor glide over the skin, delivering a smooth and close shave and leaving the skin fresh and clean. Remember massaging your face and beard while applying! 

The  Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Ultra Flex is constantly adapting to the surface of your skin and leaves it like a babies butt. If you are considering trying a new razor, give it a chance!

Es importante conocer bien los productos que usas en tu afeitado. He probado varias marcas y muchos productos y siempre he acabado igual: con la piel irritada. Después de varios años he encontrado dos productos de afeitado que funcionan con mi tipo de piel: el gel de afeitado de Bulldog y  la maquinilla desechable Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Ultra Flex.

El gel de afeitado de Bulldog es un producto hidratante con ingredientes naturales como el aloe vera o el te verde que evita que la piel se irrite y permite que la cuchilla se deslice con facilidad y suavidad. Deja la piel calmada y fresca.
Recuerda aplicarlo con un leve masaje.

La maquinilla desechable Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Ultra Flex es genial porque su cabezal pivotante se adapta al contorno de tu rostro para un afeitado apurado y extremadamente cómodo.



3. After shaving

Taking care of your skin right immediately after you shave your save is also crucial. I used aftershaves but I prefer applying a calming and natural moisturizer directly to my skin. I use Bulldog’s Original Moisturizer. Yep! I am basically really happy with this brand, it’s actually really cheap, natural and works!

Cuidar la piel justo después del afeitado es un paso muy importante. He utilizado varios aftershaves pero, sinceramente, lo que a mi mejor me funciona es utilizar una crema hidratante y calmante. Otra vez, me remito a la marca Bulldog. Tienen una hidratante a base de aloe vera y otros productos naturales que se llama Original Moisturizer. La verdad es que estoy muy contento con esta marca: sus productos son naturales, libres de crueldad animal, son muy económicos y ¡funcionan!


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How I Edit Instagram Photos

How to Edit and Take Instagram Photos like a Blogger/Influencer

During the past few months I radically changed the way I edit my Instagram pictures and I really noticed a growth in my audience. Furthermore, a few of you guys have been asking me via DM (follow me, btw!) about the new method I use to retouch my pictures so, in this post I would like to share some tips I use to take and edit pictures the way I do.




It is important to take a few things into consideration before actually taking the picture. Here are two important keys:


From my point of view, natural lighting is the best. My fav moment of the day to take a perfect photo is during the first hours of the morning or the last hours of the daylight. Try to avoid hard light and direct sunlight.

I took this picture at 7:30 am so the lighting was perfect and the place was not crowded



We all know that the perspective can change the whole game that’s why I take the same photo from different angles and perspectives. Try this trick and select your fav one later, sometimes more is more! 😉


Phone or camera?

I personally alternate between my iPhone 7 plus and the Sony Alpha 5000. It’s not a must to have a professional camera to take good pictures. It obviously helps a lot but it’s not a requirement.

The iPhone has a pretty dope camera so, when I’m outside and I see something that catches my attention I use my phone. If I plan a photoshoot I obviously use the camera but if you don’t have one, don’t panic! Tons (I would say the most lately) of my photos were took with an iPhone.

Regarding to the lenses of my Sony camera I mainly use two: Sony 16-50mm f/3.5 and 7Artisans 55mm f/1.4.
I am specially in love with the 7Artisans. I’ve been looking for a 50mm during the past months but the prices were really high for my budget so I decided to order this manual lens (which is only 100€!) and the results are incredible and stunning. I have compared it with some of my friends lenses and…damn the 7Artisans lenses are amazing. It is perfect for details and portraits. I must confess that I’m going to order a few more lenses from the brand. I am totally in love with the brand.

If you are interested in high quality and cheap lenses visit the 7Artisans online shop.


I took this with the 7Artisans lens


Took this picture for my friend using the 7Artisans lens

Took this photo with the 7Artisans lens












The secret (not so secret) is to use a professional software for editing your pictures. I mean, it’s nice to use apps such as VSCO or Afterlight but using a software like Lightroom will change your editing game forever. Most of the professional bloggers and influencers use this software to edit their photos. We will learn more about it in this section. You can find the mobile app (Lightroom Mobile) and the desktop version (Adobe Lightroom).

I mainly use the desktop version because you can use more options and your edits will be much more accurate.

How to edit?

Lightroom is a profesional software so it’s not as easy to use as a mobile app. Do not panic, it’s not that complicated! When you first open it you will feel lost but no worries, it’s way easier than it seems.

With this software you will be able to manipulate lights and colors in a very detailed way.

After several months playing with Lightroom and learning how to use it properly I created my own presets/ filters (so did most of your fav influencers/bloggers). This means that I no longer need to edit every detail of every single photo I take. I just simply apply the filters I previously created and slightly modify it in order to achieve the result I want in the picture. This saves A LOT of time. I can now finish a photo within 5 mins.

This is my current Instagram feed:

Before I knew about this, it was really hard for me to create a feed– the color thing was driving me crazy! Now that I created my own filters in Lightroom it is super easy! Almost every picture suits my feed.

The main key for editing the photos like I do is to make them bright with low contrast, desaturate greens, saturate oranges and reds.
Since I just started this INSTAGRAM TIPS section and in this post I only wanted to tell the «secret» about good Instagram photos, I was thinking about creating a full tutorial on how to use Lightroom depending on the kind of feed you want to achieve (moody, pastels, bright…). I’m even considering selling my own presets (filters) so you only need to press a bottom and voilà , the magic is done with no effort involved! Would you be interested? Let me know in the comments.


I hope you found this post interesting, this is only the beginning of the INSTAGRAM TIPS section. I will be sharing a lot of content about photo editing and Instagram growth. Stay tuned!


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Lost in Wonderland



This week I got a new camera lens so I decided to go out and test it (well I must say that a friend of my took the pics where I appear, obviously lol). I wanted to share with y’all my first visual story. I’ve decided to call it «Lost in Wonderland» since all the labyrinth thing reminded me of that story.
Since some of you guys have been asking me via Instagram (@RubenUrgal) about my pictures I’m thinking about creating a post about it – How do I take my pictures + How I edit my pictures. All in one! Let me know if you are interested.

Have a lovely weekend! ❤


Esta semana me llegó un nuevo objetivo para la cámara así que decidí trastear un poco y salir a probarlo (bueno, tuve algo de ayuda de un amigo para que él me hiciera las fotos a mí, obviamente! haha). Me apetecía crear una especia de visual story así que decidí llamarle a esto Lost in Wonderland ya que todo el tema del laberinto me recordó a esa historia.

Algunxs me habéis estado preguntando via Instagram (@RubenUrgal) sobre cómo hago y edito las fotos así que he pensando en hacer un post dedicado exclusivamente a ello. ¿Qué os parece? Decidme si os parece interesante.

¡Qué tengáis un buen finde!



Red pullover: Primark Man
Sunglasses: Pull & Bear
T-Shirt: Bershka
Skinny jeans: Pull & Bear
Sneakers: Nike

Get all my looks in my 21 Buttons account!









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SKINCARE: Cocunat – Toxic free cosmetics


Did you know that there are over 12,000 cosmetic ingredients?  The thing is that only 2,400 have been researched and 1,200 of them are toxic. Cocunat has removed these toxic ingredients from their products they work with 30 natural ingredients to take care of our skin and hair. Their products are suitable for vegans, pregnancy and even for the most sensitive skins.
I started using Cocunat several months ago when I received a PR package (this is not a sponsored post) to try their products. I wasn’t aware of all the toxic products I was using in my daily basis so I started researching.
I think this is important to know so I decided to share with you this info as well as my fav products from the brand:

¿Sabías que existen 12.000 ingredientes cosméticos de los cuales se han investigado sólo 2400, y de estos, 1200 son tóxicos? Cocunat ha eliminado estos ingredientes tóxicos de sus productos. Además son veganos, aptos para el embarazo y las pieles más sensibles.
Empecé a utilizar Cocunat hace algunos meses cuando recibí un paquete de una agencia (este no es un post patrocinado) para que probara sus productos. La verdad es que no tenía ni idea de todos los productos tóxicos que utilizábamos de manera diaria así que me puse a investigar un poco acerca del tema. Creo que es algo importante a tener en cuenta, así que me he decidido a compartirlo con vosotrxs y he seleccionado algunos productos de la marca:



This is one of the best moisturizers I tried. It controls the oil of my skin and makes me feel refreshed. This keeps pH levels, shine and pores in balance and the best part is that it has 0 petroleum or silicones and feels light and perfect for daily use.
Esta es una de las mejores hidratantes que he probado. Controla bastante bien los brillos y da sensación de frescor en el resto. Además, mantiene los niveles de pH de la piel y es muy ligera para el uso diario. ¡Lo mejor es que no contiene ni petróleo ni siliconas!


I always had a problem with body creams until I found this product. This is literally the best natural body moisturizer I ever used. Makes your skin smooth and the smell is simply deli!
Personalmente siempre he tenido problemas con las cremas de cuerpo, ya que no encontraba una que se me absorbiera bien. Esta es la mejor hidratante que he probado. Huele súper bien (a sorbete de limón) y deja la piel muy suave.


Did you know caffeine stimulates you inside and out? So you can conceal your lack of sleep and those genes that give you that tired look. This a nice way to refresh your your eye area daily!
¿Sabías que la cafeína te ayuda a activarte no sólo por dentro sino también por fuera? Esta crema para el contorno de los ojos te puede echar un cable para disimular la falta de sueño o las ojeras. ¡Refresca un montón!


Did you know this about these issues? Have you tried the brand? Let me know 😉
¿Sabíais esto de los ingredientes tóxicos? ¿Habéis probado la marca?

Have a nice weekend!
¡Feliz finde!




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Hey guys!
Can’t believe this is my first blog post!!! Yay!
This month I had the opportunity to visit Madrid and attend THOS Awards. It was a great event where a lot of really great artists performed. In case you are wondering I decided to wear this red blazer-dress (Zara) for the red carpet.

It was not all about the awards we also enjoyed the city and visited tons of places such as the Parque Warner Bros, where I had my first full/hardcore rollercoaster experience (lol), and many other places.

¡Mi primer post del blog!

Este mes tuvimos la oportunidad de ir a Madrid y asistir a los THOS Awards. ¡Fue muy divertido y además coincidimos con un montón de artistas! Para la alfombra roja utilicé este blazer/vestido rojo (Zara).
Además aprovechamos para visitar un montón de sitios, uno de ellos el Parque Warner, que nunca había ido. Nunca me había enfrentado a montañas rusas con loopings y aquí fue mi primera vez (lol).


Thanks to my friend Paula I discovered this amazing healthy place called Honest Greens. If you are visiting Madrid you need to go. You will find homemade healthy food!

Gracias a mi amiga Paula descubrí un sitio genial de comida saludable. Se llama Honest Greens y si algún día pasáis por la capital os recomiendo totalmente este sitio. La comida es casera y deliciosa.




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